Hospital-1 (aka HOSPiTAL-1, hospitalet, hispotalette and other aliases. we have absolutely nothing to do
 with: hospitals, doctors or anything like that. The name is a play with words inspired by Wonko den friske.).

HOSPiTAL-1 started out as a "base" for different webprojects back in 1995-1996
 and thus was one of the earlier sites to populate the Internet back in the the old days.
 The URL's have changed over time but most of the time we've kept everything here on

The Hospital-1.ORG webservices are moved to compartment

Back in 2002 we moved all webservices such as hosting (webhotel), webdesign and related Internet services to
compartment AB (website).
This was a neccessary move in order to make it possible to maintain a high quality.
compartment AB (Swedish Corporation) run all the commercial services since 2002 with great success.

Hospital-1 project base

Apart from beeing a free open source webhost provider Hospital-1 has been involved in a great number of projects.
Here are some historical highlights:
We still believe, and we are probably more than proven right by now, that Internet services and music (-services) is not wierd combination
but both (defenately the later) can win much by interacting together.
Since 2004 Publishing, Management and commercial services are handled by Music Compartment
The Hospital-1 project base is owned, managed and empowered by compartment AB and its services we
can interact with other organizations and projects and benefit from beeing a small, flexible and fast "unit".

Official current projects are displayed and accesible via this url:

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